30463-00 Lavaredo Zip

Features & Benefits

  • PU-Rubber Vibram – Fire&Ice – PU foam insole, light and comfortable. Modular overtoe to protect uppers. VIBRAM rubber tread with Fire & ICE mix for high performance in all temperatures. Self-cleaning design with special SRC grip.
  • X-Method – non-metal insert with perforation resistance to over 1100N with a 3.0mm truncated cone nail.
  • Dynamic HC Control Technology –  Ergonomic rigid internal structure. It houses the heel into the right seat, adjusting the foot support and control of the ankle sideways movements. It keeps the foot tight to the shoe, allowing the perfect fit. 
  • Stabil Active – a rigid support on the base of the shoe provides greater stability and support for the arch of your foot, therefore improving foot posture.
  • Dual Insulation – insole perfect for winter use and for footwear with protection against cold “CI”. It consists of a highly resistant and absorbing felt piece that keeps the foot dry and warm and of an aluminised film to isolate the foot from the ground.
  • WED (wire electricity discharge) – a conductive strip integrated into the shoe ensuring that regardless of the insoles used, the shoe maintains its anti-static properties.


Agriculture, Construction, Fabrication, Garden, Manufacturing, Quarry/Mining, Rail, Refinery, Sheet Metal Handling, Wind Energy

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Product Code 30463-00
Style Lavaredo Zip
Range Scout
Type Half-Knee Boot
Upper No Ladder H.T. Fabric
Lining DualMicro
Insole Dual Insulation
Sole PU-Rubber Vibram-Fire&Ice
Toe cap AluSXT 2.0 Toe Cap
Midsole X-Method Perforation Resistant
Size 36-50
Weight 830 gr.
Specification S3 HRO HI WR CI SRC
Colour Black
EN ISO 20345:2011
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