Our People, Protecting Yours.

Sustainable hand and foot protection solutions designed with the wearer in mind.


Keypoint is one of Europe’s foremost experts in industrial gloves and protective footwear. As the exclusive sales partner for ATG® Intelligent Glove Solutions, SW® Safety Solutions and Sixton® Safety Footwear, we are a trusted partner for leading PPE distributors whose customers require optimum solutions for hand and foot protection.

Through our collaborations with the world’s most innovative integrated manufacturers, we deliver market leading PPE products developed with a keen eye on ever-changing market requirements.

Keypoint take a consultative approach in finding the best hand and foot protection solutions for your business, understanding that the right gloves and footwear must not only offer the required levels of protection, but must also enhance, and not inhibit a person’s ability to do their job with maximum efficiency. Our products consistently lead the way in comfort, performance and wearer acceptance, with our objective simple and our aim clear…….. to make the industrial workplace a better, safer environment for all.

Keypoint – Our people, protecting yours!

Mission Statement

At Keypoint, we are guided by our core value of protecting people. Our mission is to provide innovative products and solutions that promote safety and wellbeing at work, while minimising our environmental impact. Through fostering long-term partnerships with all our stakeholders, we continually strive to create a safer workplace environment and a more sustainable future for all.

Company Vision

In the constant pursuit for better protection, we want to be seen as the vantage point for every client and partner. We drive progress towards the optimum solution for everyone involved. We continually scrutinise, to source the latest innovations, the most sustainable products, and a guaranteed supply-chain. We are dedicated to advancing our knowledge of customer industries, their regulations and needs of their people, with superior knowledge and insight. We pride ourselves on a job done well and value enduring relationships. We are the strategic partner that collaborates with manufacturers, pre-empting customer needs, to ensure industry continues forward……..safely.

Core Values

  • Respect for all stakeholders, colleagues, suppliers and customers
  • Honesty and Integrity in how we communicate with customers
  • Passion in our delivery of our products and services and for our business as a whole
  • Trust – close long term partnerships with both suppliers and customers
  • Personal development – Providing an environment for colleagues to grow and develop their skillsets and careers
  • Quality – Our products are services will always lead the way in quality and performance