91294-11 Timba

Features & Benefits

  • Lightweight and comfortable shoe with ESD properties.
  • Double density PU sole, outer- and in-between sole with ESD compound. For use in contact with sensitive electronic equipment. Light and comfortable, very
    versatile. SRC Anti-slip standard.
  • Zero(k) Perforation Resistant – A fabric anti-perforation foil. Resistant to over 1100 N with zero perforation.
  • Dynamic HC Control Technology – Ergonomic rigid internal structure. It houses the heel into the right seat, adjusting the foot support and control
    of the ankle sideways movements. It keeps the foot tight to the shoe, allowing the perfect fit.
  • Stabil Active – a rigid support on the base of the shoe provides greater stability and support for the arch of your foot, therefore improving foot posture.
  • Anti Debris – closed construction prevents irritating objects and dirt from entering the shoe and seeping into your socks.
  • ESD footwear discharge static electricity and avoid damaging surrounding objects; they are designed in compliance with the following standards:
    IEC EN
    61340-5-1:2016, IEC EN 61340-4-3:2018, IEC EN 61340-4-5:2018
  • WED (wire electricity discharge) – a conductive strip integrated into the shoe ensuring that regardless of the insoles used, the shoe maintains its anti-static properties.


Aerospace, Automotive, Electronics, Facilities, General Handling, Light Assembly, Logistics, Packing, Utilities

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Product Code 91294-11
Style Timba
Range Ritmo
Type Low Shoe
Upper Drummed Suede Leather Hydro
Lining 3D Air Circulation 320 gr.
Insole Five 4 Fit
Toe cap Alu SXT 2.0 Toe Cap
Midsole Zer0(k) Perforation Resistant
Size 35-48
Weight 540 gr.
Specification S3 SRC
Colour Black
EN ISO 20345:2011
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